How to go from Hobby Blogger to Profitable Business

Client Case Study in 5x-ing blog traffic and attracting national sponsors

You’re here because you probably want to understand how to take your hobby blog and turn it into a revenue generating business. And girl, I feel you. This is the exact kind of work I’ve done with women over the past five years. 

But if you’re reading this, it’s also because you want to understand how it can happen for you. I’ll be the first to say, every single case and client is unique – but there are some key steps to take that will help you get to your next blogging and business level. 

Today, we are going to look at the path of my client Mandy Cavasin of Simple and Sage to explain how a few simple tweaks to your Story and Strategy can make all the difference. 

Meet Mandy Cavasin

When we started working together in my intensive group program, Mandy was struggling with visibility. 

She wanted to help mothers like herself – mothers  who had little kids at home and who were, at times, being challenged by various things like mental health and wellness. 

But she was stagnant. She wasn’t able to catch the eye of sponsors and her blog traffic wasn’t growing. (In fact, it was barely there). 

I had a Lack of direction and clarity – I had no idea what to do to turn an idea into a profit

Mandy, before she went through the academy program

The key challenges for Mandy’s blog and business

Mandy had great content and lots of passion, but the Stories she was telling weren’t back with strategy. This meant: 

  • The content was falling on deaf ears
  • She wasn’t optimizing for cold traffic (e.g. NEW readers)
  • It was hard to capture the attention of sponsors because there wasn’t enough data to tell a good Story
  • She was suffering burnout and lack of motivation to continue blogging 

Mandy said: 

My biggest fear (like many amateur bloggers) was how on earth people find you on Google or other platforms.

How we fixed Mandy’s blog, allowing her to grow her revenue

The first thing Mandy did was join my Academy, where she learned how to turn her Stories into strategically aligned content. 

She also had access to mentoring along the way to ensure that the way she was showing up was in line with her personal goals and values. 

In the Academy, Mandy learned how to: 

  • Grow her blog traffic meaningfully and significantly, so she could attract better and higher paying sponsors to her content
  • Tell better and more niche Stories on social media to increase her exposure
  • Develop clear Story Strategies for her pitch emails that brought in more aligned clients and sponsors 

The result of this work alone meant Mandy went from having almost no traffic on her blog to increasing her visibility by 500%. 

 “I have a significantly stronger grasp on SEO strategies, utilizing Pinterest, and how to interpret analytics,” says Mandy. “I now feel confident that by implementing the strategies Erin has taught my blog will continue to grow. She has given me the tools to build what I’ve envisioned.”

Mandy continues, “When I started working with Erin I had less than 100 page views per month; I am closing in on 500 page views for the first time by implementing the strategies I learned.” 

But that’s not all that happened… 

In the months following this core work that Mandy did, she was able to significantly grow her overall following. She also niched down heavily with respect to her content (a strategic act of ‘listening’ that we cover in the program) and she’s been consistently attracting work with national sponsors ever since. 

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