Why it’s important to post to a blog to grow your business

The short term and long term benefits of blogging for your business; why you should start blogging and tips on monetizing your business blog from the start.

Why it’s time to start blogging regularly

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from clients and people in my DMs that they ‘have a blog but just haven’t prioritized it’. And yet, they are spending HOURS of time scrolling through and creating content for social media like Instagram. *face palm* 

Today, I’m going to explain why having a blog for your business is not only good practice, but a great strategy.

Should blogging replace social media marketing?

Let’s deal with this elephant of a question first. No. I doesn’t replace social media marketing. 

BUT – it will make your social media marketing more powerful. 

Not only that, but having a blog will also make marketing on Pinterest way more effective. 

Why you need a blog to grow your business

Let’s look at the metrics and statistics about regularly blogging

If this doesn’t convince you to dust off that blog then I don’t know what will. 

According to SEO and blogging guru Neil Patel, the following is true about businesses that commit to blogging: 

  • Companies that blog generate 2/3rd MORE leads than companies that do not blog
  • Companies and brands that blog 3-4 times per week bring in 3.5x more traffic and more than 4x more leads than brands that publish once a week. 

But here’s the statistic that is most interesting. 

Businesses that are blogging, according to Patel, have 434% more Indexed Web Pages and 97% more Indexed Links. 

why you need to blog

Hold up for a hot minute – you’re like

What is an INDEXED LINK? 

An indexed link is one that is being regularly checked and crawled by search engines – mostly Google. 

To function properly, your site needs to be indexed so Google can see it!

If Google can’t see your site, then it can’t serve you up as fabulous search results to users. 

Lesson? Your blog needs to be indexed. 

And of course, having more indexed pages and links means having more chances to reach searchers.

why it's important to blog regularly

So how do you create a blogging strategy that is going to work FOR you and generate leads (while building your brand?)

Here are three ways to get started: 

  1. Learn some basic SEO and get curious about how it all works. 

SEO is not scary – in fact, it can be really fun and spark a lot of creativity. The art and science of SEO is all about being useful to readers and being findable on the Internet. 

When you commit to learning how to be both those things? Your site traffic will grow. 

Speaking of traffic –

  1.  Learn a bit about your analytics

Digital marketing is all about knowing who your people are… and one of the best ways to know that is to understand who is already landing on your website or blog and how they got there. 

Building a basic understanding of your analytics – especially Google Analytics will help immensely.

  1. Start on Pinterest Now

If you aren’t on pinterest… I have said this before – go get on Pinterest. It is the third largest search engine in the world…and it is a fabulous way to double down on your SEO work with Google and your analytics…

So that’s why it’s so important to have a blog that you post on regularly and strategically!

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