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“Just get into action”.  As a business owner, and especially as a creative entrepreneur, you hear that all the time. Right?  Just do the thing. Or it sometimes sounds like ‘take imperfect action”. You hear business strategists, marketing coaches and all sorts of experts say, “it’s time to get off of your duff and into […]

Why the culture of ‘Action’ is harmful to Creative Entrepreneurs

Client Case Study in using Strategic Content to attract ideal clients and build revenue You’re here because you likely have an idea you want to turn into a business or side hustle. But you’re stuck at the starting blocks.  You don’t know what to create or how to attract your ideal audience or clients.  And […]

How to go from idea to profitable side hustle

This is what happened when I bought something being sold by a bro marketing firm on Facebook; what the tripwires looked like; and what I learned from the experience Wanna know a secret? I sometimes buy things for curiosity’s sake. I have a part of my budget set aside for what I call ‘knowledge reconnaissance’.  […]

What happened when I bought a Bro Marketer’s Sales Pitch

How I’ve used a blend of intuition and market desire to flow through 2021, and what I hope to bring out in my business and to my clients for the rest of the year. Today, we are going under the hood. One of my brand pillars is radical transparency – and I know that my […]

My Q4 Business Plan

Going back to my roots today to talk a bit about influencer marketing. The whole industry has shifted since I started working in this business years ago, but there are still some key considerations to understand if you are a brand looking to hire an influencer or if you are an influencer who wants to […]

Want to be an influencer? Five Things to Know

Over the course of the last ten years, I’ve had quite a few blog posts go viral. But before we get into what that looks like and how to write a viral blog post, I want to go over the definition of a viral blog post. For me, a viral blog post is not something […]

How to Write a Viral Blog Post (and what to do when it happens!)

[FREE Entrepreneur Time Blocked Calendar] Whether you like time blocking or day blocking, it’s important to have boundaries in your business so you can have focused time, creative time and down time. Balancing those three things in your CEO schedule will put you ahead of the game every time! “I know you’re really busy…” People, […]

How to manage your time as a solo entrepreneur [get my CEO habit tracker]

Pinterest is one of the largest search engines in the world; its unique demographics and visual content make it ideal for growing a business offering digital services, digital products and physical goods that can be shipped worldwide.  ‘Oh I saw it on Pinterest!’ ‘I got this image from Pinterest.’ ‘I did a Pinterest thing this […]

How to leverage the Power of Pinterest to Grow your Online Business

How my approach to blogging helped me earn thousands per month in passive income; how I prioritized learning about data; and committed to doing what my audience wanted. I’m feeling called to write about this lately as an act of gratitude for all that I’ve had in my life as a result of… my blog.  […]

How to grow your Organic Blog Traffic: How I became a professional blogger : The steps I took to grow my organic traffic

How to work with brands and how to sell your value is not as easy as it looks. Here are some key takeaways from a conversation I had with a man who has built a multi-million dollar life and business through telling his story and being himself. I don’t know how I got to be […]

What I learned about Marketing from a 7-figure Influencer