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How your content pillars, supports and magnets serve to support you and your clients; How to build pivot points into your plan; Why a calendar doesn’t work for most people and why we use a flow instead

Content Flow Foundation | Workshop 3

January 25, 2022

Answering the question, ‘Should you create content on a new platform or work with the ones you already have?’; How to establish your content lead magnet and how it fits into the grand scheme of your content strategy; How to decide how you will measure the success of your content funnel

Content Flow Foundation | Workshop 2

January 25, 2022

How to understand your content objective (and give your content a job!); Getting to know your Audience beyond their basic geographics and demographics; How to get a sense of where your values as a business owner intersect with the values of your customers

Content Flow Foundation | Workshop 1

January 25, 2022

Why you need to be specific; Why your audience is smart; Why it’s NOT about the tech

So, you Want to Start a Podcast? | Podcast S3E3

January 19, 2022

The trends in influencer marketing and how it’s becoming more like media buying; The difference between wanting to be an influencer and wanting to have influence; Why I decided to get out of the influencer marketing rat race and shift to doing more meaningful storytelling and content strategy work

How to be an ‘Influencer’ | Podcast S3E2

January 12, 2022

What a content strategy is, ALL the things like social, blogging, podcasting and how they work TOGETHER to bring you closer to an objective; What a strategy is NOT; How this show is shifting to help you TAKE ACTION on your Aligned Strategy

What is a Content Strategy and Why you need one | Podcast S3E1

January 5, 2022

Emerging trends in content strategy; permission based marketing; how we are shifting in 2022

Content Strategy Trends for 2022 | Podcast S2E10

December 30, 2021

How often should I post?; How big should my list be?; Options for creating momentum if you want to get off Instagram

How often should I post and other FAQs | Podcast S2E9

December 23, 2021

How to reverse engineer your outcomes; a look at how I plan my launches and increase revenues quarter by quarter; How to reverse engineer your outcomes; 
a look at how I plan my launches and increase revenues quarter by quarter; 
the act of using the calendar to create objective based marketing 

How to Achieve your Goals if you Hate Setting Goals | Podcast S2E8

December 16, 2021

Strategy versus tactic; How to infuse Story into your Strategy; Why you might be sharing too much information

Why you Feel like your Content Strategy is Failing | Podcast S2E7

December 9, 2021