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What were the worst investments I ever made in my business from apps to programs and more; The number one expense in my business right now – Coaching and advisers; From paid ads to a fractional CFO – Where I plan to spend next

The best business investments I made and the worst investments I made | Podcast S3E11

Proof of concept – What it means to start creating your content strategically and build a case study; Strategic pitch plans – Why engaging with your target audience is key; What makes a great media kit and why you need one

How to sell your content to sponsors, brands and advertisers | Podcast S3E10

How most business owners FEEL about the law, lawyers and contracts and why we feel like it’s too formal and not personal enough; Her ENERGETIC connection to what the law makes possible and how charging corporate rates for legal advice didn’t FEEL energetically aligned; How her legal template library is like a CAA membership for your business and provides peace of mind

Corinne Boudreau Guest Co-Hosts – How the Law can Help your Business

The science of storytelling and how stories activate parts of our brain that other messaging cannot reach; Which forms of storytelling activate the Know-Like-Trust factor faster; How to overlay a story onto your launch or sales calendar so prospects and clients feel seen, supported and engaged 

How Stories become Sales | Podcast S3E9

How to tell your About You Story – the common pitfalls people have when talking about themselves and how to avoid them; Where your Story takes your audience and why it isn’t about your geography or your products; How you do it and the story that helps people decide between you and your competitors

The 3 stories you need to tell in business | Podcast S3E8

How to shift the way you’re looking at partnerships and joint ventures;
Why every business owner needs to learn how to PITCH themselves;
How to find aligned partners and a few considerations to note before jumping into a joint venture

The power of partnerships and how to activate them for growth | Podcast S3E7

How a launch is just a content flow with higher frequency and ‘launching’ is a measure of intensity and intention;
How a content funnel SELLS for you;
What pop-up podcast and pocket podcast are and how they are working for high ticket sales;
Why rolling enrollment programs hedge against launch burn-out and put you in control of how and how often you show up

Behind the Scenes – The content funnel that built a $72K no-fluff launch | Podcast S3E6

What a personal brand can do for your business; Why visuals and image are SO important; Mo’Mentum retreat in Miami!

Monique Bryan Guest Co-Hosts – Personal Branding and Building the Business of ‘YOU’

The concept of attention spans and the medium being the message; attention spans equal the lifetime value of the content; The lack of evidence to prove that shorter creates better relationships; Ways to start bringing longer form content into your strategy when you are caught on the ‘create more and shorter’ train

How Long does your Content need to be? Short Form versus Long Form | Podcast S3E5

The three rings of audience depth and how the algorithm on most social media keeps you in the first (and tightest) circle; The tie between the psychology of Storytelling and the science of virality and what it really means to go viral in this day and age; What to do BEFORE your content goes viral; How to optimize on the increased visibility (why having a content flow plan will work to your advantage if and when this happens)

How to Go Viral with your Content | Podcast S3E4