How to create a content strategy that attracts your ideal audience

I say some weird slang from the newsroom without even noticing.



Donut Hole.


But one of the funniest things I catch myself saying is ‘Oh, that story has legs…” 

As in, it’s one story that you can take and RUN WITH… (insert trombone whomp whomp here) 

And why is that important? Because it will save you time, and turn your content into something that holds value for both your audience AND your business at the same time… 

Here’s the difference between finding a story that has legs and writing a story and ‘repurposing it’ …

*pushes glasses up face* *clears throat*

Insert Object A. 

And you’ve probably been like ‘YESSSS. THIS is exactly what I neeeeed!!!”

And then you try it and you’re like what-in-the-living-f**k… this is so hard and I’m spending all my time resizing shit in Canva and deleting hashtags and rewriting captions.

Now – this concept of repurposing is not wrong.
It’s perfectly logical. And, in some cases, incredibly useful.

However… it lacks nuance – or to be blunt… it lacks the ‘I give a s**t’ factor… 

It’s kinda like buying your entire family the exact same gas station gift at Christmas and expecting it to be well received. 

“And YOU get windshield wiper blades!” 

“And YOU get windshield wiper blades!” 

“And YOU get windshield wiper blades!” 

Repurposing like this will fill a void.

It will give you a temporary boost. 

But it will very quickly put you in a place where you aren’t totally connected to your audience – and they stop thinking about you…or worse – they think you’re BORING AF. 

When I see creators only using this kind of repurposing strategy… I see

someone more interested in ‘just getting it done and out there’ than what their audience needs to see, hear and experience. 

Now let’s look at Object B. 

What it looks like when your Story has LEGS. 

This is how you add depth, nuance, and experience into your content.

*and this is usually where I get applause* … Go for it. *bows*

You are STILL sharing it in multiple ways and on different platforms. 

But notice how it’s shaped like a megaphone? That’s on purpose.

Because with this approach you are not regurgitating the same sh*t different day. 

Instead you are: 

Giving your content both legs… and a job.

It works like this. 

Start with your Source Content

that small pink circle in the corner.

This is your idea, …

… the thing you jotted onto a napkin at Boston Pizza with your kids screaming for Unicorn Juice and hopping on the bench seats… 

…the epic rant about the bullshit in your industry you unleashed but only told your dog…

…the big download that landed while you had your weekly Sunday tub soak…

Then mine that source content and ask yourself: 

Where in this big ass idea am I being a leader? Like where in there is MY voice resonating loud and clear? 

This nugget will make up that first layer of your megaphone – the stuff that ONLY YOU can create.

Then? Where in that source is the ‘teaching moment’?? What do you need to teach people in order for them to fully grasp what you are saying??

This becomes your middle megaphone layer. Your evergreen blog posts, podcasts etc. 

Then? What do you need to start talking about ALL THE TIME in order to attract people’s attention to the REST of your content? 

This. THIS is your social media content. 

So many strategists build this backwards. 

And when you’re doing that? You aren’t using your legs. 

When you flip from ‘needing to repurpose’ to giving your content legs (and a job) …all of a sudden you go from a boring ass grid like Object A… to having a literal and proverbial megaphone that you control.  

And in the meantime, when you find yourself ‘repurposing’ try to remember this email, k? 

Cuz legs versus repurposing is the pathway to creating content that truly converts … 

Content that has legs for days… 

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