Corinne Boudreau Guest Co-Hosts – How the Law can Help your Business

Introducing our next guest co-host on Permission to Leap! 

After escaping many years of the big law firm life (aka the “soul-sucking situation”), Corinne Bourdreau started her entrepreneurial legal journey. What started as an in-person legal course developed for small business owners has now turned into guided legal templates for Canadians doing business online.

Corinne has a knack for making things practical and easy to implement.  Being a lawyer since 2002 has given her perspective and experience to boil things down to the essentials.

She joins Erin today to dig into how the law can help your business.

Specifically, in this show, we talk about: 

  • How most business owners FEEL about the law, lawyers and contracts and why we feel like it’s too formal and not personal enough 
  • Her ENERGETIC connection to what the law makes possible and how charging corporate rates for legal advice didn’t FEEL energetically aligned
  • How her legal template library is like a CAA membership for your business and provides peace of mind

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