[DAY ONE] Introducing The Rest of the Story

And now you know the rest of the story… 

An iconic radio line spoken by the incomparable Paul Harvey – a newsman by all accounts, whose reporting started in the Second World War. 

He started tacking on a little bit to the end of his newscasts, focusing on long forgotten facts, little known occurrences, coincidences that added context, depth and emotion to the news of the day. 

Here I find myself sitting at my MacBook computer, knowing there’s still a desire for the rest of the story. 

You see, a Story never actually ends. It breathes. It echoes. It’s like a wave in the ocean. Even if it crashes on the shore, it ripples back into the water in another way and gets pulled into rip tides and currents anew. 

Stories are like emotions. In fact, I’d argue that they ARE emotions. 

They ebb and flow like waves of grief. 

They bounce and rebound like the highs of joy and happiness. 

Stories are emotions. And I think with all the digital hullabaloo and socializing online that we do now, we have fundamentally lost touch with that truth. 

As a business owner, and especially as a woman and mother, I’ve been told to not make things emotional. To think with only my brain. To serve my clients only strategy and ‘plans’ and tactile ‘productive’ systems. 

Put another way, I was taught to suck souls and have mine sucked in the process. 

But I can’t do it anymore. 

And call me ballsy for saying this, and perhaps it’s a grandiose assumption, but if I need to feel full, then so do you. 

We cannot live in a world of just systems and facts. 

We cannot deny that emotions are what bind us and create strength through time and space. 

We cannot deny that we all wake up seeking the REST of the Story. 

But somewhere along the way, some bean counter in an ivory tower decided that Story didn’t matter. That all that mattered was money, productivity, assimilation and homogeneity. 

And somehow we bought that line. 

Let’s break that system, shall we? 

You see, here’s what I know – perhaps absorbed through my years of listening to Paul Harvey snippets on Toronto radio. 

If you look for Story every day, you will find incredible things. 

And in those moments of discovery, we grow. 

I sat here to write the first blog for my new site. And I find myself instead drawn to a daily practice focused on Story (inspired by Deepshika Sairam’s Deep End Project). 

I want to share The Rest of the Story with you. 

So what does that mean? 

It means that every day, I will publish something here for the next 90 days. 

It might be a few sentences. It might be a full on tome. 

It could be a digest or additional thoughts from our Story Studio Daily – or maybe my feelings on what’s happening on social, as a woman in business or a mother. 

It might get emotional – because honestly, I’m sick of marketers and business coaches telling us to leave emotions at the door. Stories are built to cultivate emotion. 

Our brains are WIRED for emotions (and that’s quite literally and neurologically how we create memories). 

For heaven’s sake, Paul Harvey committed to the REST of the STORY when the entire globe was at war. He somehow knew that people would take comfort in knowing, feeling and experiencing MORE. 

The world beyond the facts is the world I want to discover. 

It’s the world I love to play in. 

It’s the world where voices amplify and ideas take shape. 

It’s the world where we are accountable only to ourselves. It’s the world where we are judged only by how true to our own voices we let ourselves be. 

I do not say this to propose that I don’t believe in facts. I most certainly do. (I actually take issue with my own use of the phrase ‘believe in facts’ – but that’s a post for another day).

I want the nuance. I want the layers. I want the context. I want the REST of the Story. 

So bully to those who will pre-judge me for sticking my neck out as a human, woman, business owner and creative. 

This project WILL get emotional. 

And now is the beginning of the Rest of the Story. 

See you tomorrow. 

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