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Some say, it’s like decluttering their business.
Others say it’s releasing the guilt of wasting time and energy on things that don’t really move the needle (or bring You closer to Your Truest desires in life).
But this concept is also simple and powerful. 
During Your Digital Business Strategy we unlock the Potential Revenue Streams you have hidden inside you and your biz. We reframe how you invite clients into your business by examining the full scope of your expertise.

Now that you know your Truest Story and you’re Showing up - it’s time to unlock your next Strategic level ...

A deep dive Intensive to Align you with your Full Digital Potential


"Erin guides her clients to get back to their values and align their business operations and relationships with their purpose."

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*Note: side effects often include increased confidence to charge more, launching of entirely new programs, and calling in new clients.

✓ We will put down the noise of ‘every day biz’ for a hot minute. 
✓ We will release the assumptions that it has to be ‘the way it’s always been’.
✓ Reveal your inner Creative. 

- Kelly E., Marketing executive

"Your openness, positivity and clarity really gave me a lot to think about and a new way of framing how I'm looking at what is ahead for me." 

i'm ready to get started!

This is your opportunity to step out of the Overwhelm of “I don’t know How” and into the Freedom of “This is where I’m going”...
It’s your chance to finally admit that you want to, and deserve to, FEEL AMAZING and SUPPORTED as you grow your business. 

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Develop an action plan to help you launch your newly articulated business into the world 


Step Three: BIZ MODEL
Choose your foundational business model so that it suits the way you want your life and business to flow


Break down how to leverage and rearticulate your current skills and existing influence to supercharge your next steps (i.e. shorten the gap between you and your next pay cheque)


Work together to understand your specific digital opportunities - near term and long term, by offering the perennial question ‘what can you offer and how can you sell it?’ 


Your Digital Business Strategy Framework and how we’ll work together: 

What does this strategic vessel look like? 

That depends on you and how you feel called to support your business growth:
Choose from one of the following vessels: 
• A 1:1 Strategy Intensive DAY
• A three-month 1:1 Strategy retainer - which kicks off with a full day deep dive (virtual or in person) and is followed by bi-weekly strategy calls. 

Who is this best suited for? 

This is for you if any of the following feel true: 
• You’ve climbed the corporate ladder and want to understand how to step into your next thing
• You want to launch a business and need to grasp what it means to run one in the digital world (like all the ‘how do I?’ questions)
• You need a fresh strategic perspective on what you’re doing now so that you can hit your next level
• You have a very specific project you want to launch and need strategic insight support to get it off the ground

Do I need to go through Your Simple Story Strategy first?
Not necessarily, but these two Strategies go hand in hand. Often clients who go through the three-month intensive then move on to the Digital Business experience (and vice versa).

Can the full-day kickoff to the three-month intensive be used for a Story Bank? 

Yes. It can, however, if you want to go all in on your Story Strategy with distribution and visibility planning, you should be in the Story Strategy Intensive. We can discuss which vessel makes the most sense for you! 

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