Stop trying to find clarity in your business and do this instead

Online business gurus profess that we need to get clear on our business goals before creating content. I beg to differ. Clarity is part of the journey of creating compelling conversion content. It’s not a destination in itself. 

Ever heard the saying ‘change is as good as a rest’? 

I don’t know about you, but I think it should be more like ‘clarity is as good as a rest’. 

It seems like every online coach and consultant is in the business of selling clarity…

Clarity in your business!

Clarity in your life!

Clarity in your purpose… 


And you know you’re sitting there nodding your head because just last week you told your best friend that you need to take a hot minute and just get clear…

But, let’s not beat around the bush. 

WTF does clarity really mean??? And why does everyone think that’s what they want and need????

I see so many online gurus saying they’ll help you ‘get clear’ (and then usually they say something like (and ‘get results fast!’) and it’s like … seriously What does that mean??? 

If you’ve been on the hunt for clarity (or feel duped into thinking that’s your goal), I’m going to drop a mic for you right now…k?

Clarity is not a destination. 

There will never be a point when you’re just clear on everything. 

Clarity is a MOVING TARGET.

Take it from me – the multi-passionate, multi-six figure creative entrepreneur with two businesses and two kids and all that entails… 

Clarity comes in moments… and it comes with commitment. 

The commitment is to two things… and two things only. Let’s break those down now, shall we:

Finding out Your own Story (and how you want that to sound in the market) 

I hate to break it to you, but if your business isn’t growing, or if it’s stagnant in some way, you probably have a marketing problem. 

And most marketing problems stem from the simple fact that the business owner hasn’t fully understood their purpose

  • Why do you do what you do? 
  • How do you do it differently? 

Those are typically some of the questions that will get us clarity in terms of purpose. 

But that’s not all. 

  • How are you different from others in the market?
  • Can you prove to the market that you can do what you say you want to do? 

All of the answers to all of these questions fall into the category of YOUR STORY and how you articulate it into the world. Without clarity on this, your business will inevitably fall flat. 

So instead of saying ‘I just need clarity in my business’, what you really should be saying is that you need to refocus on your purpose and start communicating it more effectively.

(See? It all comes back to content!)

But there’s another part to this clarity pie that we need to discuss… and that is the intense level of clarity and confidence that you’ll achieve when you find your audience’s story (and how it plays out in their minds).

Because marketing is a two-way street! 

Sure, you can buy billboards and scream at people from rooftops, but the fact remains that your messaging needs to resonate to be effective. 

Resonance creates clarity. Resonance allows you to be heard and to receive messages back – loud and … you guessed it, clear. 

So the equation is quite simple. When you say you’re seeking clarity, what you’re really needing to do is drill down on YOUR Story and your AUDIENCE’s story.

That’s it. 

When you take steps each month, week or day to know more about those two things, your content and your business will inevitably get more clear. 

And there are so many fringe benefits of being in a state of (momentary) clarity! 

  • Confidence in your message and content, so you can stop worrying about what to say when you create content
  • Excitement to share what you’re creating, so you can stop boring your audience (and boring yourself!!)
  • Being sure that what you are sharing is resonating with the right people, soooooo you actually make sales… 

But don’t let anyone try to tell you that what you’re seeking is clarity alone. 

Because clarity is just the path to what you’re seeking.

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