How to Get your First 1000 Page Views Per Month on your Website

You’ve launched your brand new blog and now what? The name of the game at the start is EYE BALLS. You want to start attracting readers to your content right away so that you can develop a solid picture of how your blog is performing and resonating.

Getting to 1000 Pageviews Per Month

First things first, I never suggest going after page views as a vanity metric (like Instagram likes for example). To me, the more page views you can get on your blog, the more refined your Google Analytics will be. When you have a detailed data set, you make much better decisions about where to take your content and how to serve your audience.

How to consistently get to 1000 monthly page views on your website

Here are the steps you’ll want to consider in order to attract your first 1000 pageviews to your new blog:

Consider how frequently you are going to write

Yes. In the beginning frequency and volume of posting usually matters. Aim to write or publish at least three posts per week. Now, that may seem like a lot, but you can batch write them in advance and you can certainly publish posts that aren’t super long or involved.

Here are some examples of posts you could write in one week

  • A top 10 list – Don’t just list the items and publish. Make sure each list item has a 2-3 sentence description that contains keywords and key phrases for the subject matter.
  • A round-up post – this is a collection of posts from your blog and other blogs all around the same topic. Think 100 ways to beat the heat this summer, or 45 incredible front door decor ideas. In the beginning you won’t have enough content to create round-ups yourself, so link out to other blogs. When you do that, make sure you are crediting the blog (not PINTEREST!) and always link back to the original source.
  • A quick ‘lesson learned’ – the Internet LOVES how-to posts. Form your post in a way that solves a problem and write a quick and easy answer to a question.

Make sure you use Header texts to separate your post into easily digestible bites for your reader.

Use Backlinks as much as possible

There is no hard number of how many backlinks your posts needs or should have – but I always say have AS MANY AS POSSIBLE and make sure they are relevant. You might not have a lot of posts when you start writing your blog, but I guarantee after writing your first post, you’ll be able to find a natural fit for your next post and so on.

For example, if my first blog post is 100 ways to beat the summer heat – I potentially have 100 new post ideas because I could turn each list item into its own mini blog post and back to and from it.

When you’re creating backlinks, you want them to link onto the actual key phrase you are targeting. Avoid writing things like ‘click here’.

Promote and Repromote

People don’t always click through on posts on social media (ha! Did I even have to say that?!), so don’t be ashamed of promoting your post multiple times in multiple ways. Create an image carousel for Facebook and Instagram, create multiple pins with key word descriptions and get them circulating on Pinterest, create Instagram Stories and Instagram captions that lead the reader to want to learn more about what you’ve written.

Know your numbers and study them

If you want to get 1000 pageviews per month, that’s essentially 35 pageviews per day. Break down the math into small, easy to understand chunks. Get creative with hitting that 35 mark every day! You could run a contest for people to read your posts and sign up for your newsletter. Once they are on your newsletter list, it’s much easier to develop a long standing relationship with them and get them to read your content.

Team up with other Bloggers

This is a big one. When you’re first starting out, I recommend having what I call a Bloggy Tribe. I was in one for about three years when I was first starting out! It was a group of bloggers in the same niche who valued community over competition. I recommend keeping your group small (fewer than 10) and you can run it in a private Facebook group or Slack channel (somewhere that makes it easy to drop links – not Instagram).

How do you start a group like this? Reach out. Blogging is about forming connections. So if you want to form a tribe, reach out to bloggers you admire, who you feel are at a similar growth stage to you. Say hello, make a friend and jump in together. Then once your group is formed, you can support one another by sharing links, backlinks, doing blog hops, pitching sponsors and growing together.

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