How to go back to basics with your content strategy [Blogging, Pinterest & Podcasting]

I’m sitting here in a total state of deja vu. 

I remember the first time I ever opened up a WordPress dashboard. It was 2012. I was sitting at a small wooden drop leaf table in the middle of our 620 square foot condo in downtown Halifax. 

I felt so techy and geeky. I clicked every button to ‘see what it would do’ and I fiddled with it every single night when I got home from work. 

My first blog post was a before and after of a dresser. I bought it at the thrift shop for a cool $10 and then painted it bright, brilliant blue. It wasn’t terrible. And it certainly was the beginning of something. 

That blue dresser was never a hit on the blog, but it sparked a love in me that has never (and likely will never) go away – it wasn’t a love of DIYs and furniture makeovers (though I love me a good before and after to this day). 

It was a love of learning how to share content in the most effective way.

I’m smiling as I write this because some ten years later, I find myself going back to those basics as I grow this blog that you are reading. I find myself turning to the old tried and tested methods of growing and creating content and it makes me feel like home. 

Maybe it’s because I’m totally disillusioned with the ‘newness’ and the ‘on-ness’ of everything else. Maybe it’s that I don’t want to point into the air and make reels everyday just to get the ‘views’ but not make the connections. Maybe it’s that I crave conversation and connection and I want my clients and friends and colleagues to see pieces of the REAL ME. 

I don’t know. But I’m not the only one. The data backs up this return to the old ways of content strategy and creation. 

So I thought today we could chat about all the ‘basic b**tch’ things that I’m returning to with respect to Content Strategy and we can slowly pick things apart over the next few posts. 

Why you should consider blogging in 2021 

Blogging is not dead. Far from it. In fact, there’s a resurgence in long form content as the educated and information starved world recoils from the short attention spans and vapidness of platforms like TikTok and Instagram. 

Not to knock the 15 second snippets, a LOT of social good happens on those platforms, but if you want a piece of content that is going to have legs for your brand? That is going to really show off your mettle and be a landing zone for your people?  A blog is still central. 

I recently hired a new funnel manager for my company, and you better believe that before I said ‘yes to the project’, I read her sales pages and her blog. I needed to know her and her voice – in a deeper way than her Instagram captions. 

Your blog shows who you are when you don’t believe anyone is going to watch you. 

Beyond that, from a purely strategic point of view, having a blog allows you the leverage a myriad of other lead generation channels – all of which I’m returning to with fervour this year. 

Oh and according to SEMrush, a leading SEO tool, there are 89,409 Google searches per second. Let that sink in. That’s a sh*t ton of opportunity to be discovered if you know the formula. Imagine even capturing a FRACTION of that for your business?

There are 89,409 Google searches per second.

SEMRush statistics report, 2021

High Volume Pinterest for Thought Leadership

Yes, Pinterest is 80% recipes and parties and home decorating. No. It’s not just for that. 

Pinterest is a powerful, POWERFUL, search engine for just about anything. And I’ll give you a personal example. 

For about a hot minute, my company was called The Blog Girl Chronicles. This lasted about six months before I switched my branding to my name. But in that six months, I blogged about blogging and influencer marketing and all the things I know a lot about. 

And I put ALL those blog posts on Pinterest. I ran the same strategy that I’d been using on my lifestyle blog for the past decade. 

And guess what happened? My traffic soared. In fact, that’s why I was able to crack 1000 page views in the first month of having that site and I was able to consistently grow that traffic month over month. 

Now, Pinterest is a beast – kind of like the Zuckerberg platforms. But it’s a beast for another reason. It wants FRESH ideas, and FRESH content. But there are so many ways to feed her!

According to SproutSocial, in 2021, Pinterest users were 3x more likely to click onto a brand’s content than from any other social platform. Oh and 91% of Pinterest users say the platform is a POSITIVE place to be – not the negative, self loathing inducing cycle of blah that you find on the others.

Pinterest users were 3x more likely to click onto a brand’s content than from any other social platform and 91% of Pinterest users say the platform is a POSITIVE place to be

Sprout Social

My team has recently gone ALL IN on Pinterest as part of our plans to grow this company in 2021 and 2022. Everything from creating content with Pinterest in mind, to repurposing all our Instagram Story graphics as Pin videos, to putting audiograms from our network podcasts up on the platforms to increase discoverability. 

And one last reason to love Pinterest? Ads on that platform cost 2-3x LESS than what it costs to run ads on Facebook or Instagram.

Why this complete return to the little sister of Google? Because it’s the little sister of Google and Pinterest is formidable as lead generation- but also because in the last six months, I’ve booked high ticket clients from that blog that I NO LONGER WRITE on. And that client found me on – Pinterest. 

It’s worth the investment of time and energy. It’ll be your bird in the hand. 

Speaking of bird in the hand – 

If you are thinking of a podcast, now is the time to do it

I’m going to write about this in-depth later this week, but let’s just say that audio branding is only going to get bigger. 

We really are at a point where if you don’t jump now, you will be missing out on massive potential for brand exposure and storytelling. 

Why is audio and podcasting such an effective format? Oh – so many reasons. 

But for starters, it’s not as passive as video. It’s not the kind of content that you mindlessly scroll through with no brain or thought in the game – like IG or FB or even, to a certain extent, YouTube. 

Audio actively engages your listeners’ brain and therefore it’s much more effective at creating connection. And that means your brand messaging will cut through the noise like MEGA. In fact, the recent data proves that not only will you be heard, but your listeners and subscribers will WANT to hear about your products and services!

According to the Edison Infinite Dial report in 2021, 39% of podcast listeners tune in for the entire episode AND not only that, but almost the same percentage look forward to hearing host-read ads. They do not statistically SKIP ADS.

39% of podcast listeners tune in for the entire episode AND not only that, but almost the same percentage look forward to hearing host-read ads.

Edison infinite dial report, 2021

And I know, you might be wondering why I’ve lumped podcasting in as ‘basic b**tch’ – well, it’s because I have been podcasting since 2006.

And I’ve been on the radio since 1998. So to me? It feels like a return. 

So there you have it. This is where I’m focusing my energy and connection for the next six to eight months at least. 

I’m following my OWN Prompts as I create – because almost ALL of them can be translated from Blog to Podcast or Video to Pinterest content and then around again. 

And if you really want to take it up a notch and dedicate yourself to creating content and telling Stories that FEELS GOOD, then I encourage you to accept the following invitation!

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The Rest of the Story is a project of love and commitment to showing up on this site every day for 90 days; sharing honest opinions, thoughts and observations. Comments are welcome.

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