How to go from idea to profitable side hustle

Client Case Study in using Strategic Content to attract ideal clients and build revenue

You’re here because you likely have an idea you want to turn into a business or side hustle. But you’re stuck at the starting blocks. 

You don’t know what to create or how to attract your ideal audience or clients. 

And you might have a bit of a block when it comes to realizing how friggin’ awesome you actually are. 

I write these case studies for two reasons: to show you how you can start to take action and control of your Story and content to fuel your dreams and also to show you how I have done this exact work with my clients over the years. 

When you see someone else’s success, you can take it as evidence that it’s also possible for you! 

Today, we are going to look at the path of my client Delphine Rule of Access to Education Toronto to explain how focus, commitment and strategy can make all the difference. 

Meet Delphine Rule

When we started working together 1:1, Delphine was getting basically no traffic to her website and she was on the struggle bus when it came to making her content relevant and visible. 

The first thing we did was switch Delphine from Wix to Squarespace (with the help of a professional developer). That simple shift from having a non-functional site to have one that was easy to use and update made a big difference before we’d even begun the strategy work!

Then we zeroed in on Dephine’s incredible Story, picking her story pillars and giving her the tools and resources she needed in order to not only create content – but create content that attracted readers. 

After a couple months of 1:1 work, Delphine saw the value and benefit of learning how to blog and attract organic traffic, so she joined my group mentorship program.  

I think I really thought I didn’t have anything to offer. Erin showed me that I had so much to offer. She worked with me both 1:1 and in the group to continue to encourage me to put my story out there.

Delphine, before we started working together

The key challenges for Delphine’s side hustle and her content strategy

Delphine had an incredible backlog of content and experience in her field of special education. But the content wasn’t well structured and it lacked consistency. This meant: 

  • The content was falling on deaf ears
  • She wasn’t optimizing for cold traffic (e.g. NEW readers)
  • It was hard to know if her perspective and offers were resonating with her ideal clients
  • She was suffering burnout and lack of motivation to continue blogging
  • She was fearful of things like SEO and Pinterest (mainly because her old Wix site was not user friendly!) 

Delphine said: 

If it weren’t for working with Erin “I probably wouldn’t have done anything and given up.”

How we fixed things

After joining the Academy, Delphine narrowed down on her niche and content. 

She committed to the modules and lessons about SEO and Organic Traffic, but also put a lot of the Story work into practice as well; including refining her voice, finding the confidence to actually sell her workshops for money (not give them away for free!). 

Over the course of that six months, Delphine:

  • Launched a podcast to align with her blog content, that started attracting almost instant industry attention
  • Increased traffic to her optimized website by more than 500% (this actually happened within just three months!)
  • Started attracting paying clients into her consulting business

Delphine says “It’s an amazing program where you get support with everything from set up, blog posts to inside info! Erin leads you step by step through understanding where to start and how far you can go. It’s all done in a way that is easy to follow and encourages you to step outside your safe zone.”

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