By the end of this training you'll be able to...

✅ create authentic, effective content ideas on repeat 

✅ see exactly how to get off the hustle, hamster wheel of social media

✅ Know how to turn all those stories your have in your brain and heart into cash-creating content in your business

“Honestly, I feel like I have a much clearer idea of how to move forward with regard to content and sales strategy. I have always been confident in my zone of genius, but was lacking a clear path on how to convert that into an actual business. Now, I'm raring to go and the sky is the limit!”

"I really discovered a bunch of things I would have NEVER thought about. I look at [content strategy] in a more confident mind frame. I'm more focused and less scared to attack things and get things done. My analytics are on fire now that I am posting and paying attention to HOW I post and it's making a huge difference.”

What some of my past students say about THE CONTENT GROWTH FRAMEWORK™

- Anik waldeck

- megan o'keefe

Hi! I'm


Erin Trafford

Story Strategist, award winning journalist, executive producer and the woman who knows from experience the impact that Story can have on businesses. 
Each year, I work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and creators like you to help them find, tell and share their Stories in a way that FEELS GOOD and aligns with business growth. 

I use my 20+ years as a professional Storyteller to help my clients achieve maximum clarity, confidence and creative expression in their businesses. This is my dream for you too!

"I know so much more now than I did before. So much of what we learned in the program I didn't even know was a thing. I feel like I have organized my content and know what content to strategically put out and what my audience wants from me."

"AMAZING! I had no direction before Erin's course. Now I feel like I have a content map and see how all the pieces fit together."


- breyen wee

- sara mccarthy

“Working with Erin has changed my approach completely to my business. When we began I didn’t know how exactly I was going to take this idea and spin it into a money making reality. Erin knew exactly what I needed before even having our first chat. Her approach to my content and potential sales was so unique and thanks to that, it is helping me stand out as a leader in my field.”

- Tosh taylor

“I had no strategy before so now this feels like I know where I’m heading with it. [It's] priceless how Erin can draw out what seems like simple information and make it make sense and be useful.”

- Annette hÉbert

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