Bring Your Full Story into the Spotlight to Strategically Fuel Your Business


Behind every business, and every person, is a story. This makes your business every bit as unique as you are.  

The question is, how do you translate that unique story in a way that connects deeply with your audience?

In this masterclass, you'll learn...

• How to Find Your Story 
• How to Tell Your Story 
• How to Connect Your Story to Business Growth
• How to Amplify Your Story

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Hi! I'm


Erin Trafford

Story Strategist, award winning journalist, executive producer and the woman who knows from experience the impact that Story can have on businesses. 
Each year, I work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and creators like you to help them find, tell and share their Stories in a way that FEELS GOOD and aligns with business growth. 

I use my 20+ years as a professional Storyteller to help my clients achieve maximum clarity, confidence and creative expression in their businesses. This is my dream for you too!

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