You’re a quiet rebel, a savvy business owner making moves. The world knows you’re good at what you do.
YOU know you’re BRILLIANT.

But when you open Instagram or Mailchimp to share your work — you go blank. Inspiration gives way to fear. You feel a little lost, a lot overwhelmed, and exhausted AF from trying to do All. The. Things. you THINK you have to do to grow.  

If you hear one more self-proclaimed 'online expert' say, "just tell your Story!" you're gonna lose it.

What does that even MEAN? Where do you even START? Why does this feel so HARD?

I see you, biz bestie. And I’ve got you.

Activate your business from a place that finally feels 100% you

Unlock Your Soulful Potential With 
The Power of Story

- brittany hachey, Holistic Relationship Coach

“Erin’s process pulled out of me what I could never have been able to uncover myself. She brought my soul into the light … and now it makes perfect sense. I am so lit up to start serving the world in a more expansive way.”

But if you’re being honest … nothing feels further from reality. 

Instead, you’re having thoughts like:

➡️ “I don’t have a Story to tell. Why would anyone care what I have to say?”

➡️ “Ugh, telling my Story means airing my dirty laundry. No thanks.”

➡️ “I know I should post on social so I open my phone, upload a generic quote and call it a day.” 

➡️ “I’ve literally tried everything to get aligned in my business and nothing seems to click.” 

➡️ “I just need a better content strategy and help to organize my systems.” 

Living your passion, your purpose, and sharing your Story is supposed to be fun, easy, and freeing 

You didn’t start your business to use it as armor 

If I had a $1 for every content strategy my clients created before coming to me ...

And starting without a Story strategy is like trying to jump hurdles from a standstill. You’re gonna trip.
Why? Because your content strategy is a tactic ... it’s only as good as the platform or tool it’s built on. It’s polished to look like you’re only made of superficial good. 

Problem is:
content is NOT Story.

It’s a principle … more full, more holistic. It lasts longer and withstands shifts in tactics and the market. Stories create a lasting connection. Embody the good and the bad. Dark and light. 

You’re struggling because there’s a critical piece of the puzzle you’re not digging into and using to shine. 

Your Story Strategy is a guiding force behind all you do.

It’s truly how YOU show up with confidence, clarity ... and giving zero f**cks.

But a Story strategy … that’s where the magic happens.


The Simple Story Solution is for female entrepreneurs who feel like they don’t have a Story to tell but whose brilliance longs to be unleashed.

It’s a robust and crazy soulful process that lays the practical foundation for showing up, creating deeper connections with your customers & clients, and building your business, your way.

A stepped framework to find, tell & sELL WITH your true Story

The Simple Story Solution



Show up as your true self where and when it matters — without fear of judgement from others in your industry

Get out of the “rat race” of mindless, meaningless social media posting

Stop “checking all the boxes” and feeling exhausted at the end of every damn day

Have FUN in your business because you’re grounded, confident, and no longer overwhelmed

Stop pushing and start magnetizing dream clients with ease

Break up with being booked out but not charging your true worth

Create an overflowing strategic Story Bank you can access again and again

You're in the right place if you're ready to:

megan o'keefe, crafts with megan

"I really discovered a bunch of things I would have NEVER thought about. I look at [content strategy] in a more confident mind frame. I'm more focused and less scared to attack things and get things done. My analytics are on fire now that I am posting and paying attention to HOW I post and it's making a huge difference.”

Story has been my constant companion my whole life. Between my grandmother - a librarian and my dad - a journalist, the concept of Story was everywhere *safe* for me. 

She (as I like to refer to Story) is an embodiment of a person. I FEEL her presence. I SEE her in others. 

When I work with my 1:1 clients to unearth their Stories, they tell me they find refuge in what we discover about them. They start to feel stable. Safe. They get in touch with the soul they haven’t been leveraging. 

The Simple Story Solution is my soul. It’s my whole, deep process for helping YOU see, believe, and use the Story within.

Why I capitalize Story and the depths we will go…

- stephanie brown, physiotherapist

“My day with Erin was awakening. A stepping into my truest self. Her way with words is invigorating. I’ve never felt so seen and had such clarity about how to articulate what I do for a living. It was an emotional, clarifying, and grounding transformation.”

per day I get Story inspiration from Princess Leia


YEARs spent finding, telling + sharing Stories


What it typically costs to work with me 1:1


No. of businesses I’ve helped refine their Story


This is EVERYTHING I use to help my clients start to create impact, resonance, and relevance so they can form meaningful connections with their customers and clients.

How THE SIMPLE STORY SOLUTION moves you from uninspired to unstoppable

We’re breaking down barriers, smashing your limiting beliefs, and starting to take command of your Story. This is where we break through. 

You’ll master:

✓ How to identify beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals

✓ Prompts to uncover how you really want to show up in the world 

✓ Simple ways to tap into your essence and get to the core of what makes you uniquely you (this is where your Story Breakthrough happens!)

✓ The one big shift that makes your Stories more authentic and grounded from the start, and more

MODULE 2: Your Storyteller Mindset


Your Story - or the essential combination of all your Stories - is your Secret Sauce. It’s what informs how you present yourself and your brand in the world. We kick things off by digging into the function of Story as it relates to deep branding. 

You’ll master:

✓ What makes the best Stories memorable, and how to know if you’re missing a critical element

✓ The detrimental effect on failing to show up or only showing your “good” side has on you and your business

✓ How to show both your “dark” and “light” without feeling like you’re airing your dirty laundry

✓ How to be flexible with your brand and yourself for optimum business growth (and how to do it), and more

MODULE 1: what's the story?


As you uncover your Reflection Factor, you’ll understand how your audience’s emotions inform their decisions to buy your products or work with you.

You’ll master: 

✓ The best way to forge and maintain new customer connections (and make them stronger over time)

✓ Your Unique Emotional Position as it relates to your audience, customer, or client (critical if your people are going to trust you!)

✓ How to stop hustling to sell and instead MAGNETIZE sales through strategic storytelling

✓ Meeting your clients where they are emotionally to amplify your lean in factor and get them to say “yes”  



In this module, we’re shifting gears and starting to see how Story Strategy can help you interact with and magnetize your clients and customers to you. 

You’ll master:

✓ How to use your Story to become a trusted helper and memorable guide on your client’s transformation journey

✓ The 3 easiest Story concepts to get your clients to lean in and trust you

✓ How to differentiate yourself from others who may be doing similar things to you in your industry

✓ How to reach your potential client multiple times to magnetize them to you faster



It's time to uncover the indescribable reason clients will choose you over someone else who seems to do exactly the same thing.

You’ll master: 

✓ Your Unique Story Position — aka your Secret Sauce
✓ How to magnetize your ideal clients to you and your personality

✓ How to show up in a way that feels 100% YOU using your true tone and new Story Strategy

✓ The two most powerful types of content you can create and Stories you can tell to bring your clients full circle and make them remember you



> $497 value <

PLUS, a kickass Story Strategy Bonus designed to help you start getting results from your Story Bank instantly

As you journey through The Simple Story Solution, you’ll be collecting, finding and unraveling a BANK of YOUR Stories ... aligned with your Soul and strategically linked to your biz.

You’ve built your Story Bank — here’s exactly how to use it. 

This next step in your Story strategy journey includes:

✓ A full walkthrough of your Story Strategy Action Guide - never again question if or how a Story connects to a Sale

✓ The EPO sales framework - where I’ll show you how to remove the ‘ick’ from selling and approach it with empathy and opportunity (goodbye pushy-mcpushersons!)

✓ Plus, my 5 chapter breakdown on Using Story to Sell & Plan Launches. It includes a weekly planner to help you pick which Stories to tell when — for the exact results you’re calling in.



Get immediate access to ALL Simple Story Solution content the moment you join

5 Core Modules showing you literally everything you need to know about finding, telling, and selling with Stories that not only feel authentic and easy but get you the results you want in your business and life ($2500 value)

15 Video lessons (+ transcripts!) that guide you step-by-step to develop your Story lens so you can make better and faster decisions about exactly what content to post and when ($1500 value)

Story Bank Builder exercises with each Core Module, designed to help you go deep into your mental Story Bank to unearth details you forgot (or didn’t know!) existed (Infinite value! You’ll get out of this what you put in!)

The STORY STRATEGY TRIFECTA. The proprietary framework I’ve been using for years to help my 1:1 clients find and use their true Stories to grow their business ($497 value)

BONUS SELLING WITH STORY MODULE designed to get you results from your Stories instantly — with 5 full chapters on Using Story to Sell & Plan Launches, plus a weekly Story and content planner ($497 value)

(A $4997 Value)

Activate and expand your business in complete alignment with who YOU are

Time. The one thing we can’t get back but you can make better use of. You’re so clear on how to show up in your business that you do it without overthinking — leaving you time to focus on what matters most.


Inspiration. To share your Story authentically, always. Your overflowing Story Bank replaces cookie-cutter posts that check a box when your brain is blank. You now hold the magic Story dust you can sprinkle at will to attract your people.


Clarity. On who you want to work with and what you want to do. Your offers flow, and you create from a place of knowing — no more generic. No more doing things the way others say you “should.”


Confidence. To show up as you are. No fear of judgment for being “too” vulnerable or too “woo.” You easily share your brilliance in a way that serves your business. You make quick decisions and charge what you’re worth.


Not only that, as you roll through the program, you’ll start overflowing with...

*Side effects may include: increased momentum, improved engagement, and bigger paydays from clients you love.   

The Simple Story Solution is your solution

Want to trade perfectionism for permission to just be*?

The Magnetic Factor
(Your Unique Story Position)

The Reflection Factor
(Your Unique Emotional Position)

The Lean-In Factor
(Your Unique Value Proposition)

For the clarity & confidence to own your brilliance and your worth




+ 2 payments of $397
 (Pay in full $997)

Start now for $397

✓ All 5 Core Story Solution Modules complete with video tutorials, Story Bank Builder exercises & worksheets.

+ BONUS: Selling With Story Module to get you instant results from your ever expanding Story Bank 

THE SIMPLE Story Solution Edition

This is The Simple Story Solution for you:


“Erin gave me permission to step into my own brilliance, because she was able to recognize my brilliance … and allow me to see my own brilliance, my own worth, my own purpose. She pushed me to accept, acknowledge and embrace who I am and what I want to do.”


Relax those shoulders, take a deep breath and prepare to feel aligned with everything you do.

Tell Your Story

You get full access to ALL content immediately. Roll through at the pace that suits you.

Pick Your Pace

What To Expect When You Click “Enroll Now” 

Hey there, it’s Erin. 

My superpower: unicorn swirling, magic, story steam. No, for realz.
When you work through my process, it’ll feel different than any other program, strategist, or mentor. Cuz I’m all parts investigative journalist, business strategist, and Intuitive Story guide (with a splash of authentic hilarity and a heap of potty mouth).

Even though I’ve been “showing up” for the better part of my years on this planet ... 

I’m right here with you on your journey to find alignment in your values. To get over your fear of showing your face and speaking your truth.

I’ve been shifting my Story for months. Stepping into my calling as a Story Strategist. 

Getting clear that I’m here to be my best self for my clients and students (is that you?!).

To serve them MAGIC without compromise (to my health or my mental space).
To build a business that helps more women connect their Stories to their businesses to GROW (*cough* not to become slaves to work culture).

I’m doing it. And it feels AH-MAZING.
I sense you’re ready. To feel full. Complete. Like your Story matters.

Let’s lift you up and into your Stories, ya?

Peace and love,


Why there’s no better place to learn Story Strategy

• You’re looking for shiny checklists & templates. If you just want to get clicks and likes and become Insta-famous ... Mamma, that is not my style. The Stories you’ll uncover are yours alone. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about this program.

• You want someone to tell you what to post when. No content strategy calendars here, friend. But even better than that? Where I’m going to guide you, you won’t need a content calendar. Because we are going to give you the gift of a Story lens, so you’ll always be able to see and tell the Story.

 You aren’t ready to own your brilliance. If you know you’re brilliant, but you aren’t ready to show up and shine, then there’s some inner work to be done. This program is designed to guide you to that brilliance so you can see it, feel it and embody it in the Stories you confidently tell. 

But if you’re legit done playing small and you’re bursting to show up as a leader in your life and business … I’ve got you. 

A bit of tough love… 
The Simple Story Solution isn’t your solution if:

- Mrugakshee Palwe & Keegan Francis, Atlantic Blockchain

“If I’m sitting on top of a compass and the needle for me was just spinning in all directions but Erin pointed out the north star and then it was just like, 'Oh! that’s where I’m supposed to be headed'.”

What happens after I enroll?

Once you check out and enroll, you’ll get full access to ALL program content, including the Selling With Story Bonus Module. You can roll through at a pace that suits you. 

How long will it take me to finish the program? 

That’s up to you. To get the most out of the program, you need to watch each video and do each exercise associated with the lessons. It’s designed as a 6-week Story lens development journey if you spend 1-2 hours on it each week. 

What if I enroll and decide I made a mistake?

I know that if you take the step to enroll, there are Stories deep within you that you’re bursting to share with your people. Stories that will have a massive impact on your business growth. As this is an all-access, online program, there are no refunds once you log-in. But your satisfaction is important to our team, so please email us at team@erintrafford.com if you have any questions or concerns after you enroll.

Do I need to be a writer to use what I learn? 

Absolutely not. But tell you what, if you don’t fancy yourself a writer now, once you unearth your juiciest, most impactful Stories — you feel like a writer as you share them authentically and easily with your audience.

Will you teach me where to use my Story?

The Simple Story Solution is a program designed to uncover and organize the Stories truest to you. The Stories that will create impact, resonance, and relevance so you can form meaningful connections with your customers and clients. Once you build your Story Bank, you’ll instinctively have a better understanding of where and when to use your Stories. Your BONUS Module 6: Selling With Story helps you start getting results from your Stories as soon as they’re ready to go.

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+ 2 payments of $397
 (Pay in full $997)

Start now for $397

✓ All 5 Core Story Solution Modules complete with video tutorials, Story Bank Builder exercises & worksheets.

+ BONUS: Selling With Story Module to get you instant results from your ever expanding Story Bank 

THE SIMPLE Story Solution Edition

Your Simple Story Solution Awaits!


“I knew I had good stories to tell. I just could not figure out which stories were important, and how to tell them in a way that would grow my online presence, audience and business. Erin gave me total clarity on how I can stand out in my industry and turn readers into leads by sharing my stories. Erin’s Story Bank process is magical!”

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