✅ ditch that sinking feeling when you’re staring at a blinking cursor

✅ drop the guilt over not ‘knowing what to post’ 

✅ bust through the writers block and the creative slumps and start sharing your Story and your content with confidence!

✅ move through life knowing that you’ve got a person (aka me - award winning storyteller and strategist) who sends you a plan each week, because you’re BOUGIE like that

So you can: 

A make-your-life-easy program delivering custom curated content strategies directly to your inbox each week!

Cuz I know you’re sick of all the apps and tech and blah blah and you just want someone to tell you what to write and when to write it!! (AmIright?!) 

You wanna go from having NO SWEET CLUE what to write … to feeling like THIS every dang day.

With this exclusive subscription style program, you will UNLOCK those blocks stopping you from creating content in the easiest way possible for the cost of a
2-for-1 large delivery pizza.

Stories for a Year is that and a bag of chips. 

You can Start with Stories for a Year NOW
for just $549 or 4 equal payments of $147

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immediate access!

You’re like, what’s the catch? 
No catch.
Unless you’re talking about how you’ll all of a sudden have way more time to do what you want cuz you won’t have to think about what to write each week!


As soon as you join, you'll get IMMEDIATE access to:

Every month you subscribe to Stories for a Year, you will be served up access to a FULL CONTENT PLAN, based on My Story Strategy tried and true methods. 

Each plan has: 

🔆 4 Blog Posts / Podcasts / Video Plans
🔆 12 Social Media Posts for you to create

And even better - because I know we all have the best intentions to DO the DO, but a month is a long time to leave you hanging out there without someone to make sure you’re actually following through... 

When you sign up for Stories for a Year, I will also specially curate a WEEKLY plan that I’ll send to you via email.


Yes. You really can start for $549/Year (or 4 x $147) 

Real results! We got this note from him just ONE WEEK after he joined Stories for a year!

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Did I mention you get a WHOLE WHACK of Bonus Content to help you Master your Story Strategy?

Because put a month’s plan in front of some folx and that’s overwhelm city. Too many things and not a clear vision of where to start. 

Wait...Both Weekly and Monthly plans?!

Yes. You get both. Why?

Give you a solid task list and 90 minutes blocked in your calendar? 
You’re gonna get *ish DONE.

And I’ll be in your inbox with your plan before you can do a ‘point five times at nothing’ IG Reel to tell all your friends why you’re SO SMART cuz you just got Stories for a Year. 

megan o'keefe, crafts with megan

"I really discovered a bunch of things I would have NEVER thought about. I look at [content strategy] in a more confident mind frame. I'm more focused and less scared to attack things and get things done. My analytics are on fire now that I am posting and paying attention to HOW I post and it's making a huge difference.”

Gosh, there's actually MORE!

As soon as you sign up (cuz you'll be raring to go!), you'll also get immediate access to:

My Three-part Mini content strategy series

Lesson one: Leveraging social media

Lesson two: Posting for growth

Lesson three: step into your leadership

My explainer and lesson for how to know what Stories to share WHERE. Cuz ya, it doesn’t make sense to post something on Pinterest that you put on LinkedIn. 

Time to start understanding the strategic value of your blog or podcast and HOW you can create one with so much stinkin’ ease and SERVE your biz at the same time. 

Cuz here’s the thing, once you start creating awesome content, your audience will see you as a leader. Time to start using that to grow your business in a totally NON-ICKY way. 

Did someone say pure gold? 

If by pure gold you mean content strategy epiphanies, total socal media relaxation and clarity and excitement over what to write!


Still more 👇🏼

You’ll also get immediate access to my special 4-Part Story Strategy Workshop Series and all the worksheets too!

This series teaches you how to see ALL YOUR CONTENT in relation to the big picture of your business.

Just because we’re focusing on sentences and hashtags doesn’t mean you get to lose sight of your BIG ASS dreams!

(PSSST! you create content to SERVE your big ass dreams!!!)

In this four part bonus workshop you get:

The 9 part Story Strategy Framework so you are CRYSTAL freakin’ clear on WHY you’re doing what you’re doing when you share your Stories

The Keys to a Successful Content Strategy because creating content is one thing, but you need to be SEEN in order to drive impact in your biz

How to Unlock your Story Magnet and call in the audience and clients you want all by using your content

EXTRA live audit session where you can see how I work with four clients to take one of their prompt Stories and add strategy behind it.

You get all of this and your first Month’s Prompt and the rest of the Welcome Bundle when you make your first $37 Payment. 





These are just some of the comments from those workshops... Giving you and your Content LIFE!

But oh honey, I’m still bringing the goods… you might want to sit down: 

Because I am a Sagittarius and I value loyalty, so after each quarter in the calendar…  

You unlock EVEN MORE GOODNESS inside Stories for A Year!

Our Quarterly Loyalty Bonuses are like ROCKET fuel for your biz. 

Every three months in Stories for a Year you get insider workshops and masterclasses on:

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Join for the year and save or choose 4 equal payments of just $147!

It’s okay. I’ll wait here while you take some deep breaths and catch yourself from fainting. 

Yes. This is THAT GOOD.

Repurpose like a Pro

loyalty bonus masterclass series

BEHIND THE SCENES step-by-step of writing an OPTIMIZED blog post 
& My Top Performing Templates
IN-DEPTH TRAINING VIDEOS for FAST & EASY content repurposing hacks

valued at $197

Optimize your Opt-in

loyalty bonus masterclass series

VIDEO MASTERCLASS on How to Create an Irresistible Opt-in or Lead Magnet
Brainstorming TEMPLATES for delivering your opt-in and WHAT IT SHOULD BE
Email Welcome SEQUENCE swipe files so you love on your people immediately

valued at $197

Perfect your Pitch & PR

loyalty bonus masterclass series

VIDEO MASTERCLASS on How to Pitch your Content or Business to SKYROCKET your visibility
MEDIA & PR KIT TEMPLATE (the one I've used for four years!)
Collaboration Request and Podcast Pitch EMAIL SWIPE FILES so you land at the top of your dream partner's list

valued at $297

Selling with Stories

loyalty bonus masterclass series

BEHIND THE SCENES Masterclass walkthrough of how to collect incredible testimonials for your sales pages
Full Sales Page Template Guide for your product or service
Full Set of Product or Service Launch Email Swipe Files

valued at $297

valued at $197

"I know so much more now than I did before. So much of what we learned in the program I didn't even know was a thing. I feel like I have organized my content and know what content to strategically put out and what my audience wants from me."

- Breyen Wee, digital content creator

"AMAZING! I had no direction before Erin's course. Now I feel like I have a content map and see how all the pieces fit together."

- Sara mccarthy, digital content creator

Join Stories for a Year, and you'll get

The Welcome Pack Workshops
The 3-Part Content Strategy Mini Series ($97 value)
The 4-Part Story Strategy Workshop Series ($197 value) 

Month 1’s Prompts and Plan ($77 value) 
Your first four weekly Content Prompts and Plans ($67 value) 

And when you stick with Stories for a Year, you will unlock: 

Month’s 2-12 Prompts and Plans ($737 value)
48 weeks of Content Prompts and Plans ($2256 value)

Repurposing Content Workshop Series ($197)

 Creating an Amazing Optin Workshop ($197) 

 Getting Visible: Pitching & Media Coverage  ($297)

 Turning Stories into Sales Workshop Series ($297)

All for just $549 today or 4 payments of $147.

No gimmicks. No timers. No false scarcity. 

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"The growth has been incredible. I have so much more knowledge and feel much more in control over my business. I had hit a plateau with my site and even considered leaving. This has given me a whole new life, we are getting a new audience that grows daily and I feel confident going after monetizing with the solid numbers and results I'm seeing because of the work."


This is a crazy good price. Is this a scamma-rama? 

No. This is not a scam. This is an invitation to commit to creating content that will move the needle forward in your business for a super affordable rate. 

What happens when I click buy?

You enter your payment details and then you’ll get an email with your access to Stories for a Year. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. In your initial access you will get the Welcome bundle workshops and your first month of prompts.

What if I want to DO MORE?

In Stories for a Year is a link with a special offer if you’d like to just keep this learning training going. That option is always available to you. 

Will it always be this price?

No. Stories for a Year will grow over time as I add new trainings and bonus material to it. So naturally, the price will increase as the volume of the trainings increases. 

What happens after 12 months?

You have so many options! You can roll into a new Stories for a Year plan with a loyalty rate of course! Or you can jump into another one of my programs to enhance your level of support. 

Is there live support with Stories for a Year? 

No there is no live support. But we do encourage you to join our Facebook group and connect with other members. If you are craving live support from me, there are other programs available to you from within Stories for a Year.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. After the first seven days, if you're like nope! I don't want consistent support for content in my biz and I'm really not into the loyalty bonuses - and if you've completed the content in the first month with no results, we will issue a refund. The Truth is, my clients love this program and 90% of them stick with it and see incredible shifts. 


Hi! I'm


Erin Trafford

Story Strategist, award winning journalist, executive producer and the woman who knows from experience the impact that Story can have on businesses. 
Each year, I work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and creators like you to help them find, tell and share their Stories in a way that FEELS GOOD and aligns with business growth. 

I use my 20+ years as a professional Storyteller to help my clients achieve maximum clarity, confidence and creative expression in their businesses. This is my dream for you too!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Stories for a Year

immediate access to:*

Three-Part Content Strategy Video Workshops ($97 value)
Four-Part Story Strategy Workshop Series ($197 value)
MONTH ONE Content Prompts & Plan ($77 value)
4 x Weekly Content Prompts & Plan ($67 value)

that is followed by:*

11+ MONTHLY Content Prompts & Plans ($847 value)
48 x Weekly Content Prompts & Plans ($3216 value)
4 x Loyalty Bonus Workshops ($988 value)

start now!

*by the way, these prices aren’t inflated. These are based on my hourly rates with corporate and 1:1 clients. I’m not here to create a false sense of value… but to show you that this is a total no-brainer.

Total value of just Month 1 = $438
Total value of Stories for a Year = $5489

Get Instant Access to Stories for Year right now for

$549 or 4 x $147