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Some say it’s an archaeological brain dig. 

It’s also been described as permission to get out of your own way.

No matter what, the concept is simple. And the results are nothing short of magic. 

*opens door*
 Welcome to Your Story Strategy Intensive

That’s the kind of magic I weave for clients like you during this Story Strategy experience

Imagine. The jumbled mess of ideas and brilliance in your brain, straightened out, turned into Strategic Stories and connected to your biz goals.  


"Thank you again for pulling all that SERIOUS brilliance today!! I not only feel completely energized, but re-ignited and that my B-I-G dreams are actually coming true (damn, now I am getting teary eyed) … I feel like you would argue that all you are doing is like an archeological dig into my own greatness and putting it on paper - but trust me, you are doing so much more. You have the ability to take that magical spectre and make creative dreams come true."

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During Your Story Strategy Intensive we guide you back to WHO YOU KNOW YOU ARE so you can finally feel safe and empowered to SHARE and LEVERAGE your TRUEST Story to grow your business. 

✓  Walk away from the bro and guru marketers. 
✓  Tell that nagging imposter syndrome to take a hike.
✓  Embrace your inner Worthiness. 
✓  And STEP OUT as nothing but YOU.


“Working with Erin, I felt deeply seen and heard. She got me. In just three hours, I left with 18 pages of an authentic-to-me content plan.”

i'm ready to get started!

It enhances it. It supports it. It amplifies it. 

Your Story Strategy comes from you. It’s already IN YOU. I simply help you LET IT OUT
And that’s just the first session … 
This process doesn’t dilute your You-ness. 

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Step Three: AMPLIFY
Now we focus on building momentum for your brand and Story. Team Trafford will become Your Team, dedicating 50 hours over the course of Your Intensive to amplifying and strategically strengthening your Story’s presence in the market. 


We decide how your Story is best told and develop your personalized Show Up Strategy. On a 90-minute intensive with Team Trafford, we build out Your plan to ‘get you in front of the right people’. This also includes building Your personalized assets, like your podcast pitch kit, media and press releases, and more.


Step One: STORY 
This is the deep dive where we allow you space to breathe life into the parts of your Story that want to be unleashed. We build out your Personal Story Bank - an in-depth, deep branding report that captures your Strategic Stories and builds out the foundation for the rest of the framework. 


Your Story Strategy Framework and how we’ll work together: 

What is included in Your Story Strategy Intensive? 

Besides the beginning of an amazing biz bestie friendship and the absolute pleasure of having your Story and brilliance captured by an award-winning strategist and journalist? The full package deal includes: 

• My VIP client exclusive Masterclass (not available anywhere else)
• Month One: ½ day Story Banking Session with Erin (over Zoom)
• Month Two: 90-minute Show Up Strategy Session with Erin and Team
• Month Three: 60-minute Visibility Strategy Session with Erin and Team
• An Accountability Advisor to track goals and progress with weekly check-ins


• Full Story Bank Report (20-25 pages of deep strategic insights into your Story and business objectives)
• Media releases relating to your business objectives
• Podcast pitches (up to 5 versions) relating to your business objectives
• A fully branded Strategic Media Kit
• A package of Branded Sound Bites 
• Up to 50 hours of visibility and pitching, Story distribution and reporting

What else can I use my Story Bank Report for? 

Whatever you want! It will be full of insights and strategic advice (based on our conversations and your objectives), but in general clients will call on their bank to create: 

• Instagram posts
• Facebook Lives
• Newsletters
• Sales Pages
• Webinars
• Keynote Speeches
• Media pitches

What if I don’t want to be on podcasts or in the media? How does that work? 

You are definitely in the driver’s seat. And if podcasts or media are not your jam, that’s okay. There are a multitude of other strategic avenues to employ to get your Story out there. We will adapt to fit your vision and comfort levels. 

If you decide you’d like to explore podcasts, then you will be coached on how to Show Up and be confident during our Show Up Strategy month!

How many of these Intensives are available? 

As you can appreciate, this is an intimate vessel designed to give you all the support you need to tell your Story. As such, as of Spring 2021, our limit is only 4 Intensive clients at once. This means there’s usually only one spot open per month. We tend to book 6 to 8 weeks in advance. Please account for this in your planning! 

Is there a way to keep the strategy going beyond the intensive? 

Yes. Once you are through the three-month intensive, you can stay on with Team Trafford to keep pitching and retelling your Story on a retainer basis. 

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