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Video killed the radio star…. (But it actually didn’t. It strengthened her and here’s why).  “But don’t you wanna be on TEEVee?”  I was at a national radio and television news directors conference and a new colleague I was chatting with couldn’t understand why I wasn’t keen to make the leap from the mic to […]

[DAY Six] Video didn’t kill the radio star

I’m not an addict, baby….that’s a lie.  My pajama bottoms are wet with dew. I missed being drenched by seconds today.  I live beside the ocean. Every morning, I wake up, make coffee, walk down to the patio door and straight outside to commune with Her power.  I breathe deeply and listen to the birds. […]

[DAY THREE] I’m an addict, it’s cool.

A nod to radio legend Paul Harvey; introducing The Rest of the Story series.

[DAY ONE] Introducing The Rest of the Story