From our 1:1 Clients:

- Sue Williams, Metaphysical Coach and Astrologer

"My biggest transformation was in the trajectory of my business. My game plan changed and feels so much more in alignment with my vision. Worth it, absolutely. Erin has a gift for seeing both the fine details and the big picture - a rare combination. Her aesthetic is lovely and there is no filler here. Quality, well-delivered content."

- Shauna Cole, career coach

“Erin’s a true expert in the world of online business. Working with her, I have a much clearer understanding of how to create revenue streams using digital media. Erin guides her clients to get back to their values and align their business operations and relationships with their purpose.”

- Heather Fegan, freelance content creator, journalist

“Honestly I feel like working with Erin 1:1 has helped me to build/ solidify a solid foundation and learn the strategy behind building my work into a digital business. This next strategy work is now the blueprint to build me UP from that foundation.”

- Tosh Taylor, solopreneur podcaster, voice over artist & producer

“Working with Erin has changed my approach completely to my business. When we began I didn’t know how exactly I was going to take this idea and spin it into a money making reality. Erin knew exactly what I needed before even having our first chat. Her approach to my content and potential sales was so unique and thanks to that, it is helping me stand out as a leader in my field.”

- Annette Hébert, owner, Norm's Pizza

“I had no strategy before so now this feels like I know where I’m heading with it. [It's] priceless how Erin can draw out what seems like simple information and make it make sense and be useful.”

- Anik Waldeck, PhD Art Historian and Digital Business Owner

“Honestly, I feel like I have a much clearer idea of how to move forward with regard to content and sales strategy. I have always been confident in my zone of genius, but was lacking a clear path on how to convert that into an actual business. Now, I'm raring to go and the sky is the limit!”

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- Chantel Lemieux, solopreneur, podcaster & blogger

"The growth has been incredible. I have so much more knowledge and feel much more in control over my business. I had hit a plateau with my site and even considered leaving. This has given me a whole new life, we are getting a new audience that grows daily and I feel confident going after monetizing with the solid numbers and results I'm seeing because of the work."

 - Jenna Morton, solopreneur, online publisher

“Working with Erin is always exactly the right mix of motivation, education, and inspiration I need. Her personality and her professionalism, energy and enthusiasm are contagious. I’m thrilled to take what I learned about myself and my business from my 1:1 with Erin and amplify that.”

 - Megan O’Keefe, digital content creator and business owner

"I really discovered a bunch of things I would have NEVER thought about. I look at [content strategy] in a more confident mind frame. I'm more focused and less scared to attack things and get things done. My analytics are on fire now that I am posting and paying attention to HOW I post and it's making a huge difference.”


"Erin, we love your energy and loved working with you. Thank you so much for coaching us - we now know how to leverage our content to accelerate our growth. You're a genius content strategist and a beautiful soul. We're so blessed to know you."

"A no BS and no judgement coaching vessel that will help you GROW"

From our Program:


"I know so much more now than I did before. So much of what we learned in the program I didn't even know was a thing. I feel like I have organized my content and know what content to strategically put out and what my audience wants from me."


"AMAZING! I had no direction before Erin's course. Now I feel like I have a content map and see how all the pieces fit together."