Amplify your brand personality with
deep branded storytelling for mainstream and new media

I am a career broadcaster with decades of experience live, on-air on radio and television. 

I work with brand managers, AORs and marketing teams to develop deep branded content driven by storytelling and personality.

We take paid and earned media to the next level with interactive storylines, educational content and memorable segment production.

How I help you with your branded campaigns

Depending on your project, I often help in-house teams (or agencies) with: 

Brand messaging/pitch alignment
Video scripting
Executive Production

Segment or pitch construction
Segment planning and testing
Liaising and communicating with show producers
Technical checks 

Best thing to do is drop me an email so we can discuss your particular project needs. 

Email to get started

Working with the PR and Social Media teams at Home Hardware, we produced an entire digital series around the experience of renovating a kitchen from top to bottom. 

This campaign included: social media, SEO blog content, Pinterest content and the fully produced digital short.

Client: Home Hardware

Branded Digital Content & Storytelling

Live Television Hosting & Production

Client: Hoover Canada

Working with the team at Birchall PR & Associates, I crafted a storyline to pitch to major broadcast outlets across Canada (CTV, Global, CP24) to highlight the benefits of the Hoover SmartWash and ONE PWR system of vacuums. 
I then produced and hosted the live segments with each of the outlets.


Working with the PR and media team at Giant Tiger, I produced three local television segments per quarter for all of 2018, 2019, and 2020.

The content was tailored to the specific market where Giant Tiger's sales were strongest. 

Ongoing Branded TV Segments