Feeling like this content creation thing should be easy...

But every time you go to write a blog post, create for social media or record a podcast or video, you have no idea where to start?

Do you struggle figuring out what to write or how to create content for your business? 

Just like you, Michelle knew she had so many stories
to tell

She knew she should be able to use her own personal stories to create and grow her content…

But she had no idea how to do it.
And it was stressing her out. 

Then, meet Michelle.

Like self-imposed guilt trip stress. 
Because she felt like everyone else had this ‘authentic content’ thing nailed, but it was SO hard for her… 

Not only that, but -

Michelle was spending three hours a day staring at a blinking cursor, backspacing and getting totally frustrated… 

(and then she’d just give up and go buy a Starbucks latte and decide to not create content for yet another week….telling herself that it was okay to stay hidden and stuck.)

*Newsflash* if this sounds like you, then you are in exactly the right place...

Because what I’m about to show you is going to totally transform the way you approach content creation and sharing your story… 

I’m going to show you the Single Best Way to take all the stories from your life - your lived and learned experiences and easily turn them into valuable content to grow your business… 

Oh - and then I’m going to show you how to use those stories to create sales and revenue… 

And then I’m going to give you a system to do all of this in WAY less than 3 hours per week.

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an all-in-one program filled with both Strategies AND Prompts so you can say Sayonara to Writer’s Block, self doubt and ‘never getting it done'...

And hello to 

🌟Easy Creating
🌟Consistent Content
🌟Strategic Storytelling
🌟Sales in your business that FEEL good and aligned 

Because you deserve to feel like THIS, every single time you sit down to create content - whether it's blog posts, social media posts, podcasts or videos....

Stories to sales is designed for creative entrepreneurs like YOU, who KNOW they have a lifetime of Lived and Learned Stories… 

But you struggle with things like

😿Knowing where to start and what to write
😿One minute worrying that you’re oversharing to the next minute worrying that you’re not sharing enough
😿Feeling like you always have to be everywhere and be ‘on’, so you don’t show up anywhere and feel invisible…
😿Not fully seeing the connection between telling a Story and making a sale

It’s My Mission in Life to get you over these humps and into a place of focused ease with your content … 

So that’s why, right now, Stories to Sales is yours at a super bargain price. 
(And yes, you get a sh*t ton of bonus content too!) 

Grab Stories to Sales now!

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I know right? You’re like what’s the catch? 

There’s no catch. 

Unless you’re talking about how you’ll all of a sudden have way more time to do what you want because you won’t have to think about what to write, how to show up every day. 

Plus, you’ll be extra energized and thrilled because you’ll FINALLY be able to say you’ve got a content plan that is working for YOU. 

*Disclaimer* Jumping into Stories to Sales may cause you to WEEP FOR JOY.

12 monthly long form
content plans

Let’s talk about what happens
once you buy
Stories to Sales. 

You’ll get immediate 
access to:

Use these for blog posts, podcasts, Youtube video scripts or even LinkedIn articles

🔆 GOLD for creating thought leadership content on the regular 🔆

These Long Form Plans will unlock ALL the Stories you have that you can use to FUEL your business, ATTRACT growth and build BRIDGES to new clients and opportunities. 

12 more monthly social media content plans (That's 144 more curated plans for you!)

Use these to AMPLIFY your Stories on your chosen social media networks.

🔆 These are complete BRILLIANCE for building and ENGAGED audience and for gathering FEEDBACK from your followers, listeners and subscribers 🔆

These will go in conjunction with your long form content plans if you want, but they are totally amazing just on their own. 

These two elements of Stories to Sales ALONE are enough to keep you teeming with FRESH and STRATEGIC content for more than ONE WHOLE YEAR. 


In fact, because I know you’re really craving accountability and sometimes content creation is the LAST thing on your mind...

I will send you a personalized curated plan of each of your Long Form and Social Posts each week, directly to your inbox.


Real results! We got this note from him just ONE WEEK after he bought Stories to Sales

But ya, girl. 
There’s more to this program beyond the prompts and weekly plans. 

When you buy Stories to Sales, you’ll also get: 

Five Days to Better Storytelling (Value $97)

Want to speak, write, present more clearly?
Want to ditch the rambling and tangents and the ‘missing the points’? 
Want to show up and be confident whether you’re on a live stream, Instagram, in the board room or on a stage?

Follow these Five Steps and you’re well on your way to Storytelling Mastery!

(Includes a special set of Story Prompts you can personalize for you!)

megan o'keefe, crafts with megan

"I really discovered a bunch of things I would have NEVER thought about. I look at [content strategy] in a more confident mind frame. I'm more focused and less scared to attack things and get things done. My analytics are on fire now that I am posting and paying attention to HOW I post and it's making a huge difference.”

These digestible lessons help you PICK WHICH PLATFORMS to use based on the objectives you have for your business growth. 

So you can stop worrying about whether you should start a podcast or post on LinkedIn and just get on with your plan already. 

Stories for a Year Strategy Lessons (Value $77)

Social media content strategy

long form content strategy

using content for thought leadership

My explainer and lesson for how to know what Stories to share WHERE. Cuz ya, it doesn’t make sense to post something on Pinterest that you put on LinkedIn. 

Time to start understanding the strategic value of your blog or podcast and HOW you can create one with so much stinkin’ ease and SERVE your biz at the same time. 

Cuz here’s the thing, once you start creating awesome content, your audience will see you as a leader. Time to start using that to grow your business in a totally NON-ICKY way. 

Did someone say pure gold? 

If by pure gold you mean content strategy epiphanies, total social media relaxation and clarity and excitement over what to write!


Still more 👇🏼

You’ll also get immediate access to my special 4-Part Story Strategy Workshop Series and all the worksheets too!

This four-part series will give you a crash course in Story Strategy theory, explaining not only HOW to use Stories in your Selling, but WHY you need to use Stories if you want to optimize your entire business. 

PLUS these FOUR BONUS WORKSHOPS will connect your Stories and Content to the Strategies in your Plan. 

The Story Strategy Workshop Series (Value $97)

The 9 part Story Strategy Framework so you are CRYSTAL freakin’ clear on WHY you’re doing what you’re doing when you share your Stories

The Keys to a Successful Content Strategy because creating content is one thing, but you need to be SEEN in order to drive impact in your biz

How to Unlock your Story Magnet and call in the audience and clients you want all by using your content

EXTRA live audit session where you can see how I work with four clients to take one of their prompt Stories and add strategy behind it.





These are just some of the comments from those workshops... Giving you and your Content LIFE!

But I’m still gonna bring you the goods.  

Because I am a Sagittarius and I value when Creative Geniuses like you stay accountable to their craft and their content, I’m also giving you FOUR Exclusive EXTRA TRAININGS, each designed to help you: 

🔆 Save time creating content
🔆 Build a bigger audience for your content
🔆 Turn your content and Stories directly into Sales assets for your business 

This includes the following EXCLUSIVE EXTRA TRAININGS just for you as an enrollee in Stories to Sales: 

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It’s okay. I’ll wait here while you take some deep breaths and catch yourself from fainting. 

Yes. This is THAT GOOD.

EXTRA 1: Repurpose like a Pro

BEHIND THE SCENES step-by-step of writing an OPTIMIZED blog post 
& My Top Performing Templates
IN-DEPTH TRAINING VIDEOS for FAST & EASY content repurposing hacks

valued at $197

EXTRA 2: Optimize your Opt-in

VIDEO MASTERCLASS on How to Create an Irresistible Opt-in or Lead Magnet
Brainstorming TEMPLATES for delivering your opt-in and WHAT IT SHOULD BE
Email Welcome SEQUENCE swipe files so you love on your people immediately

valued at $197

EXTRA 3: Perfect your Pitch & PR

VIDEO MASTERCLASS on How to Pitch your Content or Business to SKYROCKET your visibility
MEDIA & PR KIT TEMPLATE (the one I've used for four years!)
Collaboration Request and Podcast Pitch EMAIL SWIPE FILES so you land at the top of your dream partner's list

valued at $297

EXTRA 4: Selling with Stories

BEHIND THE SCENES Masterclass walkthrough of how to collect incredible testimonials for your sales pages
Full Sales Page Template Guide for your product or service
Full Set of Product or Service Launch Email Swipe Files

valued at $297

valued at $197

Hi! I'm


Erin Trafford

Story Strategist, award winning journalist, executive producer and the woman who knows from experience the impact that Story can have on businesses. 
Each year, I work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and creators like you to help them find, tell and share their Stories in a way that FEELS GOOD and aligns with business growth. 

I use my 20+ years as a professional Storyteller to help my clients achieve maximum clarity, confidence and creative expression in their businesses. This is my dream for you too!

Join Stories to Sales, and you'll get

Immediate Access to
12 x Monthly LONG FORM Content Plans ($624 value) 
12 x Monthly SOCIAL MEDIA Content Plans ($624 value) 
Weekly Exclusive Email Plans Delivered to YOU!

BONUS: 5 Days to Better Storytelling Program ($97 value) 
BONUS: Stories for a Year Strategy Lessons ($77 value) 

Plus, you'll get these Incredible Exclusive Extra Trainings!

Extra Training 1
Repurposing Content Workshop Series ($197)

Extra Training 2
 Creating an Amazing Optin Workshop ($197) 

Extra Training 3
 Getting Visible: Pitching & Media Coverage  ($297)

Extra Training 4
 Turning Stories into Sales Workshop Series ($297)

Join today and unlock all of stories to sales

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(Value $97)

AND The 4-Part Story Strategy Framework!

"I know so much more now than I did before. So much of what we learned in the program I didn't even know was a thing. I feel like I have organized my content and know what content to strategically put out and what my audience wants from me."

- Breyen Wee, digital content creator

"AMAZING! I had no direction before Erin's course. Now I feel like I have a content map and see how all the pieces fit together."

- Sara mccarthy, digital content creator

"The growth has been incredible. I have so much more knowledge and feel much more in control over my business. I had hit a plateau with my site and even considered leaving. This has given me a whole new life, we are getting a new audience that grows daily and I feel confident going after monetizing with the solid numbers and results I'm seeing because of the work."


Why is this such a good price? 

Because this is important work that should be accessible to every business owner. This is an invitation to commit to creating content that will move the needle forward in your business for a super affordable rate. 

What happens when you click buy? 

You enter your payment details and then you’ll get an email with your access to Stories to Sales. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

What if you want to DO MORE? 

In Stories to Sales there is a link with a special offer if you’d like to just keep this learning training going. That option is always available to you. 

Will it always be this price? 

No. Stories to Sales will grow over time as I add new trainings and bonus material to it. So naturally, the price will increase as the volume of the trainings increases. 

Is there live support with Stories to Sales? 

No, there is no live support. If you are craving live support from me, there are other programs available to you from within Stories to Sales.

Is there a money back guarantee? 

Yes. After the first 7 days, if you’re like nope! I don’t want consistent support for content in my biz and I’m really not into the loyalty bonuses - then you can opt to bounce. We will issue a full refund, if you are able to show that you have done and followed all the content and strategic advice in the program for the full 7 days. 


One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Stories to Sales

immediate access to:

12 X Monthly LONG FORM Content Plans
12 X Monthly SOCIAL MEDIA Content Plans

5 Days to Better Storytelling Program
Stories for a Year Strategy Lessons

As well as...

4-Part Story Strategy Framework
4 X Extra Trainings

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*by the way, these prices aren’t inflated. These are based on my hourly rates with corporate and 1:1 clients. I’m not here to create a false sense of value… but to show you that this is a total no-brainer.

Total value of Stories to Sales = $2507

Get Instant Access to Stories to Sales right now for


- Repurposing Content
- Opt-ins and Lead Magnets
- PR & Pitching
- Selling with Stories