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Learn to leverage your content for long term growth and traffic in your business 

This is a no-fluff program designed to get you into action and in control of your content strategy.

Students who do the work, get consistent results in line with their business and creative goals.



I wasn't going to offer this program again.
But the Results speak for themselves. 
And I know you want RESULTS.

Results like this 👇🏼

My Academy student Tania was able to take her content to the NEXT LEVEL, focusing her efforts on strategic posting, Pinterest and being in HER ZONE of brilliance. 

A couple of months after the program ended, she messaged me to say she'd made MORE MONEY as a result of her posting strategy THAN EVER BEFORE.

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For real. What is The Organic Traffic Academy? 

Previously called the Monetize your Blog Academy, the renewed Organic Traffic Academy is an intensive, interactive program to help you leverage untapped traffic sources for your business. 

It’s a program that will teach you: 

🌟HOW to properly write a blog
🌟HOW to create traffic from nothing
🌟HOW to build out a strategic list of blog ideas to grow your business
🌟HOW to track and read your analytics
🌟HOW to use Pinterest to add fuel to your growth

This program is primarily focused on long form content strategies, such as blogging and pinterest.


- chantal lemieux, professional podcaster

Watching the page views grow, sessions keep rising, people continually signing up for the newsletter. I realized that I am an expert in my field, I've already gained the trust and loyalty of many people and it's great to give them other kinds of content. 

- sue williams, astrologer & coach

My biggest transformation was in the trajectory of my business. My game plan changed and feels so much more in alignment with my vision. This program was worth it, absolutely. Erin has a gift for seeing both the fine details and the big picture - a rare combination. Her esthetic is lovely and there is no filler here. Quality, well delivered content.

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Imagine, logging into your website and seeing TONS of traffic directed to your Blogs, your Opt-ins, your Sales pages that you didn't have to WORK to get?

That is the power of Organic Traffic. 
It's the kind of exposure, visibility and 'discoverability' that doesn't rely on Instagram or Facebook.
It doesn't have you filming yourself pointing at invisible objects in the air. 

It's the kind of traffic that builds slowly and grows overtime - like a SNOWBALL effect.

The Organic Traffic Academy is your ticket to this kind of growth.

In this program, you will

Learn to MASTER the Fundamentals of GOOD CONTENT that FEELS good, SATISFIES your reader and makes GOOGLE & PINTEREST happy.
Skills that my students continue to take with them WELL after the program is complete.

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This is for any digital business owner who sells online, including: 

👉🏼Digital creators (bloggers, influencers)
👉🏼Digital service providers (copywriters, coaches, online course sellers)
👉🏼Product creators and shop owners who ship nationally/internationally


Hyper local service providers such as bakeries, realtors, hair stylists or bricks and mortar shops. 

If this is you, then Pinterest and Blogging is likely not the best way to grow your sales and revenue right now.


“Working with Erin, I felt deeply seen and heard. She got me. In just three hours, I left with 18 pages of an authentic-to-me content plan.”


"Thank you again for pulling all that SERIOUS brilliance today!! I not only feel completely energized, but re-ignited and that my B-I-G dreams are actually coming true (damn, now I am getting teary eyed) … I feel like you would argue that all you are doing is like an archeological dig into my own greatness and putting it on paper - but trust me, you are doing so much more. You have the ability to take that magical spectre and make creative dreams come true."

Jump into blogging success now!

What is covered in the 8-week program?

This is designed to be an 8-10 week intensive. You will want to set aside about 2 hours per week to go through the modules in order and complete the 'homework' assignments each week. If you are inside Story & Strategy School, you can bring your homework to the community for an overview!

week one

week two

week three

Your TOP Posts

SEO Fundamentals

Your Chocolate Fountain of Content

Storytelling by the Numbers

week four

Purposeful Pinning 

week five

The Anatomy of a Pin

week six

Digging the Data

week seven

You Better BATCH it!

week eight

There really is no other program like this out there. It's the program I wish I had 10 years ago when I started to grow my traffic.

Wouldn't it be great to know that your TOP POSTS are OPTIMIZED and ready to CONVERT? That's where we start in the OTA!

Because you always want your posts to stand a fighting chance in the Search World. Unlock the STEP-by-STEP process for creating optimal content.

Learn my proprietary content planning system that will save you from NEVER having writer's block again. Your optimized content bank will be OVERFLOWING.

When you assume... you make an A-out-of-U-and-me. We use the numbers to blast assumptions and build TRUE optimal power.

Getting ALL up into this giant opportunity to leverage VISUAL SEO and Search traffic. Let's set up for success from the start.

Learn the mechanics of a great pin - no matter WHAT the algorithm does. Plus, how to optimize your Visual search terms to help people FIND YOU.

Pinterest has its own set of numbers to learn. Here we dig into evaluating our performance and how to make it do MORE with LESS.

Why learn to leverage Organic Traffic if it's gonna take all your time? Now that we have a foundation, we learn to BATCH everything.

Extra Learning Resources on:

- Home Page Optimization
- About Page Optimization & Strategy
- On-Page SEO
- Off-Page SEO
- a Tech Vault
- Case Studies 

- Research Walk-through Videos
- Post Templates
- Pin Templates
- Keyword Trackers
- Idea Pin Strategies
- Google Web Story Strategies
- Tailwind App Strategies

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Who is your Host?

The Organic Traffic Academy is hosted by none other than career storyteller, digital strategist and organic traffic addict, Erin Trafford. 

A few things to know about Erin:

🌟She leads with love and kindness always. Every group vessel is set up to create a safe and judgement free zone so everyone flourishes and learns at their own pace.
🌟Erin has TEN YEARS of experience growing organic traffic using blogging and Pinterest as key tactics. 
🌟Erin wasn't going to resurrect this program, but because it's so popular, she felt the world needed it again!
🌟While metrics aren't everything, Erin's Pinterest accounts have garnered 80 MILLION impressions and more than 500,000 web visits in the last year (and she's an OPEN BOOK in this program about HOW this was done).

What is the time commitment?

My number one goal is that you walk away from the program with not only an actionable PLAN for your Organic Traffic Generation, but also having CREATED the foundation. 

So this means, you will need to set aside dedicated time to finishing the exercises and doing some content creation for the eight weeks. 

- jen meza, settling for great blogger, amazon best selling author

Think about your long term goals for your business. If it's just a hobby, that's great. But if you really see the potential in building a blog in terms of a business, Erin's course is a MUST! She knows her stuff. She has taught me everything I wanted to know, and things I didn't even know I needed to know!


AMAZING! I had no direction before Erin's course. Now I feel like I have a content map and see how all the pieces fit together.

- Lori carter, the inquisitive gardener

I can guarantee that I never would have learned what I learned if I hadn’t signed up for the program. I wouldn’t have known where to start, or where to look, or even what to ask! The program has been invaluable!

- breyen wee, teacher, tpt product seller

I know so much more now than I did before. So much of what she we learned in the program I didn't even know was a a thing. I feel like I have organized my content and know what content to strategically put out and what my audience wants from me.

Let's break this down a bit more shall we?

Everything you need to take your blog to the next level and turn it into an attraction magnet for your business! 

🌟 Back end and behind the scenes tutorials and walkthroughs for HOW to create posts, update them, generate Pins and set up your schedules! (These are INVALUABLE)
🌟 Insights on best practices for things like SEO, Pinterest, keyword search, blog structure and things that will help you grow in the LONG TERM

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You will graduate from the Academy with a WHOLE new energy around your content and your business, plus a bunch of new tools to use in the future.

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like my former student mandy, who used her content to catapult her business and confidence to new levels.

Or my student Delphine, who as a busy Mom of 3 was able to finally leverage her BRILLIANCE and her EXPERTISE in special education to grow her site AND land CLIENTS - all while saving time!

Or my client Rebecca, who really just needed a sounding board and an expert guide to help her see how stinkin' awesome she already was!

This is how you signal to the Universe that you are committed to your Story and are ready to build your strategy from a place that aligns with YOU.