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True to life, authentic, no BS approach to digital business building and content strategy.
A tell-all experience of what it takes to turn an idea into a profit and a passion into a business with host Erin Trafford.

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How your content pillars, supports and magnets serve to support you and your clients; How to build pivot points into your plan; Why a calendar doesn’t work for most people and why we use a flow instead

Answering the question, ‘Should you create content on a new platform or work with the ones you already have?’; How to establish your content lead magnet and how it fits into the grand scheme of your content strategy; How to decide how you will measure the success of your content funnel

How to understand your content objective (and give your content a job!); Getting to know your Audience beyond their basic geographics and demographics; How to get a sense of where your values as a business owner intersect with the values of your customers

Why you need to be specific; Why your audience is smart; Why it’s NOT about the tech

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I'm Erin Trafford - award winning broadcaster, producer and strategist. And I've unlocked the key to turning my passions for Stories well told into three multiple six-figure businesses - a lifestyle blog, a strategy consultancy and a podcast production house.

Permission to Leap is my invitation to you to accept your passions as gifts and to leap towards the life and business you know you deserve. It's my honest insights and experiences with what it takes to grow, operate and maintain a digital business in this crazy world we live in. Most of all, Permission to Leap is how I flow best as an honest expression of love and openness.