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True to life, authentic, no BS approach to digital business building and content strategy.
A tell-all experience of what it takes to turn an idea into a profit and a passion into a business with host Erin Trafford.

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What were the worst investments I ever made in my business from apps to programs and more; The number one expense in my business right now – Coaching and advisers; From paid ads to a fractional CFO – Where I plan to spend next

Proof of concept – What it means to start creating your content strategically and build a case study; Strategic pitch plans – Why engaging with your target audience is key; What makes a great media kit and why you need one

How most business owners FEEL about the law, lawyers and contracts and why we feel like it’s too formal and not personal enough; Her ENERGETIC connection to what the law makes possible and how charging corporate rates for legal advice didn’t FEEL energetically aligned; How her legal template library is like a CAA membership for your business and provides peace of mind

The science of storytelling and how stories activate parts of our brain that other messaging cannot reach; Which forms of storytelling activate the Know-Like-Trust factor faster; How to overlay a story onto your launch or sales calendar so prospects and clients feel seen, supported and engaged 

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I'm Erin Trafford - award winning broadcaster, producer and strategist. And I've unlocked the key to turning my passions for Stories well told into three multiple six-figure businesses - a lifestyle blog, a strategy consultancy and a podcast production house.

Permission to Leap is my invitation to you to accept your passions as gifts and to leap towards the life and business you know you deserve. It's my honest insights and experiences with what it takes to grow, operate and maintain a digital business in this crazy world we live in. Most of all, Permission to Leap is how I flow best as an honest expression of love and openness.