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The concept of attention spans and the medium being the message; attention spans equal the lifetime value of the content; The lack of evidence to prove that shorter creates better relationships; Ways to start bringing longer form content into your strategy when you are caught on the ‘create more and shorter’ train

How Long does your Content need to be? Short Form versus Long Form | Podcast S3E5

The three rings of audience depth and how the algorithm on most social media keeps you in the first (and tightest) circle; The tie between the psychology of Storytelling and the science of virality and what it really means to go viral in this day and age; What to do BEFORE your content goes viral; How to optimize on the increased visibility (why having a content flow plan will work to your advantage if and when this happens)

How to Go Viral with your Content | Podcast S3E4

How your content pillars, supports and magnets serve to support you and your clients; How to build pivot points into your plan; Why a calendar doesn’t work for most people and why we use a flow instead

Content Flow Foundation | Workshop 3

Answering the question, ‘Should you create content on a new platform or work with the ones you already have?’; How to establish your content lead magnet and how it fits into the grand scheme of your content strategy; How to decide how you will measure the success of your content funnel

Content Flow Foundation | Workshop 2

How to understand your content objective (and give your content a job!); Getting to know your Audience beyond their basic geographics and demographics; How to get a sense of where your values as a business owner intersect with the values of your customers

Content Flow Foundation | Workshop 1

Why you need to be specific; Why your audience is smart; Why it’s NOT about the tech

So, you Want to Start a Podcast? | Podcast S3E3

“Just get into action”.  As a business owner, and especially as a creative entrepreneur, you hear that all the time. Right?  Just do the thing. Or it sometimes sounds like ‘take imperfect action”. You hear business strategists, marketing coaches and all sorts of experts say, “it’s time to get off of your duff and into […]

Why the culture of ‘Action’ is harmful to Creative Entrepreneurs

The trends in influencer marketing and how it’s becoming more like media buying; The difference between wanting to be an influencer and wanting to have influence; Why I decided to get out of the influencer marketing rat race and shift to doing more meaningful storytelling and content strategy work

How to be an ‘Influencer’ | Podcast S3E2

What a content strategy is, ALL the things like social, blogging, podcasting and how they work TOGETHER to bring you closer to an objective; What a strategy is NOT; How this show is shifting to help you TAKE ACTION on your Aligned Strategy

What is a Content Strategy and Why you need one | Podcast S3E1

Emerging trends in content strategy; permission based marketing; how we are shifting in 2022

Content Strategy Trends for 2022 | Podcast S2E10